The best technical analysis platform

The best Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis and Charting Platform

I’ve been learning Technical Analysis of Cryptocurrency for a couple of month now and I’ve tried several different types of platforms for Technical Analysis.
I have to say Tradingview is the best.
If you see people are posting the image of their charts and technical analysis of cryptocurrency on twitter, they are pretty much all using Tradingview.

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I will list out the reasons for why it’s the best.

The intuitive interface

the best cryptocurrency technical analysis platform

It’s really intuitive and easy to use comparing to other platforms.
I didn’t have problem finding pretty much everything when I needed.

Rich features for Technical Analysis

Rich features for technical analysis

Tradingview has everything you need to do detailed Technical Analysis.
It has something simple from drawing lines to the fibonacci retracement.

Rich features for technical analysis

Of course it has got many many Indicators.

The best technical analysis tool

You can even make your own!

You can share charts and follow others

The best cryptocurrency technical analysis platformThe best cryptocurrency technical analysis platform

Once your technical analysis is done and want to share with others.
All you need is to press this button and add some description.
People can find you and follow you.

Follow me!

It’s free

There is a pro version but the free version is enough at least for me right now.
It comes with all the features you need!

There are so much more

I briefly explained why Tradingview is amazing but there are so much more.
Try using it and see with your own eyes!
You will regret not using this.


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