People you should follow to learn and get good trading signals for Crypto

If you want to get some good buy/sell signals on Crypto, try following these guys!

Chonis Trading(Crypto Mentor)

He usually shares his TA on #BTC and some other major Crypto.
He is always making good short videos and very helpful.
He is truly a mentor.

Eric Choe [Mr. Swing Trade]

Eric is really good at swing trading especially with the 4 hours timeline.
Also, he shares some really important concept of trading in general.

Crypto Rand

Rand also often shares his TA ideas and they are pretty accurate.
Also, he has his own dicord group he shares more useful ideas.

Nick Cote

He’s been in this filed since 2013 and he has the knowledge.
He tweets his TA and other interesting information about Crypto


He specialized in shorting and scalping.
He is really good and share a lot of contents but some people might have issues with his personality.
He also has a lot of useful videos on YouTube.


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