How to buy crypto currency

How to Buy/Sell coins at Binance (Simple version)

Now you have a Binance account and Bitcoin has been transferred.

First, hover over the “Exchange” tab and click “Basic” or go to this url.

How to trade cryptocurrency

Different types of market

Now you have Bitcoin so you can trade coins at the Bitcoin market in Binance.

How to trade crypto currency

As you see in the image, BTC is highlighted. It means you are at the Bitcoin market and you can trade other coins with Bitcoins.
There are ETH, BNB and USDT too but for now, you don’t have to worry about them.

Select a coin

You can select the market by clicking one of pari in the list.
For example, find and click TRX/BTC.

How to buy cryptocurrency at Binance

You can search by typing in “TRX” to the filter input box.

How to buy other coins at Binance

Once you click the text, TRX/BTC, it should select the TRX/BTC market.

How to buy cryptocurrency at Binance

Now you are at TRX/BTC market!

Buy coins

Look at the buying section below the chart.
Select “Market”. (This is the simple way to buy coins)

How to buy cryptocurrency at Binance

The market tab lets you buy coins with the market price, which is the best available current price of the coin.
You can control the price of how much you want to spend per coin but for this article, we will use the market price to make it simpler.

Amount is how many coins you want to buy.
If you click one of those % button, it will calculate how many coins you can buy with the % of Bitcoin you have and automatically fill out the input box.
If you select 100%, it means you will spend all the Bitcoins you have when you buy.

How to buy coins at Binance

In the image above, I have 0.000000972 Bitcoin and trying to buy 2 TRX.

By pressing “Buy TRX”, you will purchase 2 TRX with your Bitcoin.
When the purchase is successful, it will show “Success”.

Checking your balance

To make sure you successfully bought coins, you can go to the Deposit Withdraw page.

How to buy coins at Binance

Now you have successfully bought cryptocurrency with Bitcoin!

Sell coins

Go back to the TRX/BTC view and select Market again.

How to sell crypto currency at Binance

Enter the amount of coins you want to sell. In this example, I will put 1 coin.

How to sell crypto currency at Binance

Press “Sell TRX” or whatever the coin you selected.

It should show “Success” and now you successfully sold your coin and gained Bitcoin.

You are ready to start trading crypto currency!

You know how to buy and sell crypto currency now.
When you use “Market” tab, it’s technically limiting the ability to set the price of your coin BUT it makes things simpler and removes the human error and selling coins too cheap by accident or buying coins with more expensive price than the market price.

We will show the advanced way in the future.
Until then, we recommend you to try buying/selling coins to get the gist of it.




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