How to Buy Bitcoin

How to buy bitcoin 2

Please complete the step How to buy bitcoin 1 before you start reading this article.

After you login to Coinbase, click “Buy/Sell”.

How to buy bitcoin

In the Buy/Sell page, you should see the following view.

Chose a coin you want to buy and choose a payment method.

How to buy bitcoin

There are list of coins you can chose from:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

Please select a coin you want to buy.

After you chose a coin, now you have to choose a payment method.
If you don’t see anything here, please go back to How to buy bitcoin 1 and make sure to add them.

Put the amount you want to spend

There is a box with “USD” so click the box and enter the amount.

Coinbase how to buy bitcoin

Then it should show the amount of coins you are getting on the right side of the box.

How to buy bitcoin

If you chose Bank Account for the payment, the coin won’t come instantly. Please look at the How to buy bitcoin 1  for the detail.

Coinbase how to buy bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin (Can be other three coins)

Press “Buy Bitcoin instantly” if you are buying with a credit card.
Press “Buy Bitcoin” if you are buying with your bank account.

Coinbase how to buy bitcoin

The site will ask you to confirm. Please press the “Confirm Buy” button.

Congratulations! You just bought your first Bitcoin!

Check the progress of your purchase

When you go back to the “Dashboard” page, it should show your current state of the purchase.

Coinbase How to buy bitcoin

When you look at the box in the image, the top one shows bitcoin was purchased with “Credit card” and it’s already available. You can see the amount of Bitcoin you own in the “Your Portfolio” section.

The bottom one in the red box is purchased with “Bank Account” on December 21st and it’s arriving on 12/30/2017.
That’s why you don’t see that on the “Your Portfolio” section yet. It will arrive on the day.

What’s next?

I strongly recommend to create an account with Binance to buy different coins!
It’s the best crypto currency exchange!

Check this article How to register Binance


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