Gin masternode

GIN Platform- How to start your masternode without any tech knowledge

Have you heard about  “masternode”?

What is Masternode?

According to this article,

The most important part(The part I care) about Masternode is:

Masternodes provide the opportunity to invest in Cryptocurrencies with the added benefit of earning guaranteed extra coins in addition to gaining exposure to the large potential increases in value that can come within the Cryptosphere and owning cryptocurrencies.

Basically, Masternode generates more coins by just running it.

For example, if you are running a masternode for Dash, it can mine 1.4 Dash a week.
The current(July 2018) price of one Dash is about $237.
So you make about $331 a week.

Dash masternode

That’s not much?
Wait, we are at the bottom of the market now, what if Dash’s value goes up?

One Dash was worth more than $1000 this January.
So if the price of Dash goes back up to the price, it means you will be making $1400 a week.

This is the great part of getting paid with coins.
Many people predict Bitcoin will go up $20,000+ this year and it means the value of other altcoins will go up as well.

I’m sure stable coins like Dash will get the all time high this year.
So collecting those coins without much effort is amazing.

It sounds amazing, right?
If you are getting paid $1400 a week, you probably don’t have to work.

happy gin coin

It doesn’t go so easy…

It requires a crazy tech knowledge

If you have never touched Linux or don’t even know what it is, there is a bad news for you.
It’ll take a lot of time and learning to run masternode.

masternode is hard cryptocurrency

I honestly don’t know how but…. I have a masternode.

Without any tech knowledge, you can setup masternode with GIN platform

Yes, now there is a platform that you can setup masternode by just clicking and some copy and paste.

gin coin platform

Gin Platform – It’s the “turnkey” of master node!

GIN Platform runs masternodes for you.

GIN platform masternodes
GIN platform create masternode

GIN Platform UI

Gin coin dashboard

I just left my 1000 GIN coin there and now it’s giving me about 10 GIN every two days.
One GIN is worth about $10 now so I get paid $100 every two days.

It’s a very simple UI.
Once you set it up, you can just look at it and enjoy your money going up.

The price of masternode

Price of masternode


The price of masternode varies from around $100~200,000+ currently.
I wrote “price” but it doesn’t mean you pay that much but you need to have that much worth of coins to start a masternode.
The difference is, you won’t lose those coins.
You keep them in the masternode and you can take them anytime you want.

Also, it costs $0.5 a day to run a masternode on GIN Platform.
It’s $15 a month and it’s pretty cheap to run this crazy thing.

Shared masternode

Maybe you don’t have $10,000 to run GIN masternode or $200,000 to run Dash masternode.
So expensive, right?

Don’t worry, GIN platform is starting share masternode service in August!

It means you only need some coins to join a masternode by sharing it with other people.
It’s the great way to accumulate coins.

Where to get GIN coin

GIN Logo

GIN Platoform also provides GIN coin.
GIN coin is require to pay the fee on GIN Platform.
It’s just like Binance’s BNB.

GIN coin has been doing really well.
GIN platform is unique and getting a lot of attention so the price of GIN is going up inevitably.

The more people use GIN platform, the higher the price will go.

Exchanges you can get GIN

You can get GIN from Cryptobridge and but has much higher volume so I recommend more.

It’s not on Binance yet so don’t miss the opportunity to get this amazing coin while it’s still cheap!

That’s why I personally own GIN masternode.
The dashboard image above is my personal account.
I’m thinking of getting another one once I get enough GIN.

I want to start my masternode on GIN platform but where to start?

I know it’s still a bit confusing when you go to their website.

I personally followed this tutorial and it worked just fine.

Also, GIN team wrote a nice article to explain what Masternode is and what they do with more details.

Also, their telegram channel is always active and this funny guy called Jay is leading it.
You should check it out!

Masternode is really a good idea to have a passive income.
I hope this article helped you to realize there is another option on investing in Crypto.
Let’s own masternodes.

Again, you can get GIN from!



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