How to load trades from Binnace to Cointracking using API

How to connect Binance and Cointracking with API

I would like show how to connect Binance and Cointrcking with API so Cointracking can keep track of your trading history from Binance easily.

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Setup API at Binance

After you login to Binance, go to this url.

How to create API at Binance

Enter the label for the API you are generating.
This is just for you so it can be anything.
Then press “Create New Key”.

How to create an API key at Binance

As you see in the image, now your new API key for Binance is created.

Connecting Binance and Cointracking

Cointrack import binance api

Click Binance API Import.

How to import Binance API to Cointracking

You should see the box in the image so put your API key and Secret from the API key we just generated.

Also put the key pair of trades you want to import.
Let’s say you want to import XRP/BTC pair then put BTCXRP like in the image.

Then click “Save this Binance Job”.

hot to connect import Binance transactions

You should see your Binance Job now.
Soon after you create one, it runs the job and import all the transactions of the pair you set.

It says check in 60 mins because it has just run the job.
After 60 mins, you can run it again by clicking check now.

What happens after this?

How to connect Binance API with Cointracking

You should see this box pops on a screen.
Click the recalculate button.
This will recalculate the trades and it will update the data.

Checking imported trades

Go to

Importing Binace trades using API to Cointracking

You should see your trades with Binance!

Wasn’t easy?
If you have any questions, let me know!

Thank you for reading 🙂




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