Why Binance is the best

3 reasons why Binance is the best crypto currency exchange

I think you are reading this because you are trying to decide which crypto currency exchange to use.
I’ve used several different crypto currency exchange and I have to say Binance is the best crypto currency exchange by far.

3. The fee is cheap

At Binance, the transaction fee is 0.1%.
You can also buy BNB(Binace coin) and the fee become 0.05%!

Bittrex, One of the most famous crypto currency exchange, charges 0.25%!!

If you are trading often, clearly Binance is the way to go!

Binnace fee is cheap

2. The selection of coins

At this moment(12/31/2017), you can trade 946 coins at Binance!

Why Binance is great

It also supports some coins that’s not supported in other exchange such as Verge and IOTA.

Binance supports forks!

Sometimes, hard-fork happens and one coin splits into two different coins. When this happens, Binance 100% supports it and give you the new coins!
The detail about hard-fork is here.

I personally gained the most of the forks of Bitcoins.

1. Best UI

I have to say the reason I fell in love with Binance is because of its UI.

Binance UI is great

This is the basic trading view.
You can switch the update period to 1 minute, which not many exchange support.
So if you are trading daily, you can catch the trend before other exchange!

Binance UI is the best

If you want to go pro then there is the advanced view, which I often use.

Binance is the best

Start Binance!

  • The fee is cheap!
  • Good selection of coins!
  • The UI is amazing!

What are you waiting for?

Register Binance now!

How to register Binance

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