3 FREE tools you need to make money with Crypto

Yesterday, Bitcoin gained 10%+ in an hour and I believe this is the start of the next Bull run.

People have been saying it will be even a bigger bull run than the one in 2017.

Nobody wants to miss that opportunity.

If you are new to the Crypto space and want to start making money in 2019, I have 3 tools I recommend you to be ready.

They are all free to use

1. Binance, the biggest Crypto exchange

binance is the biggest exchange

Binance is where the money is.

It’s volume and the number of coins are massive! This is the first exchange you should make an account.

It’s free.

There is a step by step guide about how to register Binance here.

>> How to register Binance

Also if you want to know the detail about why it’s the best, then please check this article.

>> 3 reasons why Binance is the best crypto currency exchange

2. Tradingview, the best charting tool

You have got an exchange. Now you need to learn how to TA.

You need a good charting tool. That’s what Tradingview is.

You must have seen charts like this above.

It’s pretty much all Tradingview.

It’s an online free charting tool and it’s the best.

You will get all the indicators like RSI, MACD, Ichimoku cloud, Bollinger band and etc.

There are so many indicators in Tradingview
So many indicators

You can also add your own indicators too!

3. Cointracking, track your trades and help you to file tax

3. Cointracking, track your trades and help you to file tax

After making many trades, sometimes you don’t know if you are making profits.

Also, you must file a tax for your gains.

It’s usually very very difficult especially if you are trading frequently.

Cointracking can link to your exchanges and automatically calculate your gains and loses for you.

Also, it can generate a report that you can use to file your tax.

Let’s start making money with Crypto!

Now you have:

It’s time to make money!


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